Fly-Tipping. Discuss.

So I mentioned that becoming unwell again last year had reignited the fire I had when I was first diagnosed in 2009 around pushing myself and preparing my mind and body for the trials and tribulations of cancer. I've had a number of discussions with colleagues and close friends about this, and there is a common theme that springs from them. It tends to go something like this;

Me: "I think I'm going to try and raise a little money by doing something"

Friend: "Oooooh, sounds interesting. What are you going to do then? MacMillan coffee morning perhaps? Sponsored beard trim?"

Me: "Sort of..."

Friend: "Go on then. What is it?"

Me: "I'm going to carry a fridge up Snowdon"


Friend: "You're a f****** idiot".

(longer pause)

Friend: "Will it be on?"

Me: "What?"

Friend "You know - turned on. Will the fridge be turned on? Working?"


Me: "Yes. I'm going to use an extension lead".

Friend "Oh..."

My wife wants me to paint our shed. In order to get out of it I said the first thing that came into my head. Which was that I couldn't because I was walking up Snowdon with a fridge on my back to raise money for, a small UCLH affiliated charity for children with cancer. Clearly I hadn't really thought this through, because (a) I already have cancer and (b) I had half my back removed in October because of cancer.

But I really don't want to paint my shed, so there you go.

Do me a favour - even if you don't fancy chucking a quid or two in, share the following link on your respective Myfacebookspace pages and pass the message on. It's a win-win; we help smash childhood cancer and you get to point and laugh as the bovosapien hybrid cries a bit as he hits the pain barrier in the car park when putting on his 'fridge'...